Grading Breakdown

Quarter 3 and 4 are each worth 40% of your Semester GPA. The Final Exam is worth 20%.

Quarter grades will be calculated as follows:
Quizzes: 20%
  • Quizzes are for learning the basics so you can enjoy the advanced stuff. Therefore, if you do poorly on a quiz, you can re-quiz.
    • First re-quiz: Maximum score allowed: 85%
    • Second re-quiz: Maximum score allowed: 80%
    • To prevent abuse, your last quiz score will be the one that enters the gradebooks. So make sure you've actually learned the material for the quiz to avoid lowering your grade.
    • Re-quizzes must be taken no later than the second class meeting after the original quiz (i.e., if the quiz was on Monday, you have until the end of that Friday to re-quiz).

Homework and Participation: 15%
  • I'll check HW occasionally, but this score will be based more on your participation in discussions in class and online. It will be subjective, based on my overall impression of your contributions in general. If you talk, share ideas, and help the class along, you'll do fine here.

Unit Tests/Unit Projects: 65%
  • You'll have a Unit Test for each of the Five Waves that measures your mastery of the main developments of each one -- "rise, crest, and crash." So take good notes and use the resources I make available to get that story down. The test will be factual only, mostly based on quiz items.

  • In addition, you'll go beyond mere "knowledge" to show understanding of each Wave by creating some sort of product. I'd prefer you to suggest what sort of product you would most enjoy doing, and will consider all proposals. Write songs? Create comics? Record an audio or video talk show (google "Drunk History" on YouTube to see an example of how fun some people can make history -- but of course, I'm not saying the "drunk" part is okay for teens)? Journal or blog each wave for your parents or friends, making it informally interesting and asking them to reply to each post? Make films of certain key scenes from each wave? Write fictional fragments along the same lines? Create a "Chinese history for beginners" website? Other? You tell me.

  • We'll also do a debate or two along the way.

All of the Tests and Projects will be weighted equally, unless otherwise stated.