Finish the Tang chapter.
You should be able to identify these main ideas:
  • Problems posed by the Period of Disunity: military-aristocratic elites; how the elites are permanently civilized away by the end of the Song.
  • Rise and Fall of Buddhism in China during the Tang.
    • Chan Buddhism -- exported to Japan as "Zen"
    • Han Yu and the Relics Controversy
  • Sui -- political, social, and economic foundations for the Tang
    • Think of Sui to Tang as very similar to Qin to Han. Both short, both overly ambitious and thus short-lived, both crucial for the foundations laid for the following dynasty.
  • Tang Taizong's political and territorial accomplishments.
  • Empress Wu
    • China's only female emperor
  • Emperor Xuanzong's Court and Academy, the Yang Guifei tragedy, and the An Lushan Rebellion
    • The essence of the Tang: multiculturalism, religious tolerance, and world-class art and literature
      • Calligraphy, lyric poetry, landscape painting
    • Chang'An: City life, urban design, and influence in Japan and Korea
    • Yang Guifei and An Lushan
  • Tang Decline

Tan (pdf newspaper)
Matt D. (historical fiction)
Matt M. (blog: Reflective essays on Chinese history)
David L. (academic essays)
Pablo (Onion satires -- written or reported/filmed)
Murli: Satiric skits
Morgan: big picture screencasts
Prayuj: comic
Carolyn: art + comics + poster (or film or song.... ?!)
Sam (song-writing)
Ian (song-writing)
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Kelsey (webcam show)
Alex: Machinima commentary
Laura: poems
Spencer: short fiction
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Lucca: blog -- reflections and reactions to Chinese history

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